3 countries, mountains and lakes

Activities in the region

Holiday in the Alpe-Adria Region

Feast your eyes on the lovely scenery all around. The Alpe-Adria region and Naturel holidays offer delights for your taste buds too.

We love our neighbouring countries Italy and Slovenia. Experience the diversity of culture, which you can already feel in some of our valleys, for instance the Rosental valley. Enjoy the heart-felt hospitality and the mixture of culture and cuisine which are all part of a Carinthian holiday.

We offer regular excursions around the Alpe-Adria area in our weekly programme . We visit Ljubliana, the capital of Slovenia, or our Italian wine suppliers near Cividale, in Friuli Venezia Giulia. This is a great way for us to explore the country and its people.

Parties and festivities – celebrate! In the hotel village on lake Faaker See we love to celebrate. Culture and folklore are deeply rooted, the valleys around us tell their own stories. Create your own holiday story to include a folklore festival or while you are sipping a cocktail at the beach bar, admiring the sunset on the horizon, simply beautiful!

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