Servus. Srečno. Ciao.

For The Joy Of Life.

Pleasure In The Harmony Of Three Countries.

The hotel village is a place of encounter. A feast for the eyes surrounds you. Culinary delights included of course, because it comes just natural here.

We love our neighbouring countries Italy and Slovenia. The variety of cultures, tangible in the Carinthian valleys like Rosental valley, the cordial hospitality and the mix of culture and cuisine will always be with you during your holiday.

Market Place Naturel

Celebrate parties as they come. In the hotel village at lake Faaker See in Carinthia we like to celebrate. Culture and traditions are very rooted, the valleys tell us the story about them. Write your own holiday story during the church anniversaries, by dining on the lake, in the Sunset Lounge, during the market days and much more.


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